Buffet Menu Option 1

Standard Locations
$55.50  per person

Roast pork or beef carved at table with accompaniments (gluten free) (dairy free)
Grilled barramundi fillets with lemon and tartare aoli (gluten free) (dairy free)
Veal tortelini with caramelised onion and roasted pumpkin cream sauce and crispy prosciutto
Roasted marinated chicken breast (gluten free) (dairy free)
Roasted vegetables (gluten free) (dairy free)
Herbed chat potatoes (gluten free) (dairy free)
Assorted condiments
Tossed salad (gluten free) (veg) (dairy free/vegan on request)
Assorted bread and butter

Caramelised citrus tart with cream
Chocolate cheesecake

Buffet Menu Option 2

Standard Locations
$60.50 per person

Marinated Lamb Skewers with honey and rosemary balsamic (gluten free) (dairy free)
Chicken Breast stuffed with bocconcini, spinach and bacon (gluten free)
Baked Gnocchi with pesto, tuscan tomato and parmesan
Roasted Beef Porterhouse served at the buffet with accompaniments (gluten free) (dairy free)
Baked Vegetable medley (gluten free) (dairy free)
Green Prawns with chili and garlic lime butter (gluten free)
Potato Gratin
Assorted bread and butter

Salad (select any three):
Tabbouleh salad
Vine ripened tomatoes, goats feta and roasted olive (gluten free)
Tomato, rocket and shaved parmesan salad with balsamic (gluten free)
Baby green salad with mixed greens, broccolini, asparagus spears, Lebanese cucumbers and snowpea shoots with a lime and coconut dressing (gluten free) (dairy free)
Mediterranean salad (gluten free)
Ceasar salad
Tossed salad (gluten free) (veg) (dairy free/vegan on request)

Rich chocolate and hazelnut tart with Crème de Menthe Anglaise.
Eton Mess (meringue with passionfruit, berries, coulis and double thick cream) (gluten free).

Extras Available
Garlic and Herb Bread – $3.00 per person
Savouries on Arrival – Select any two standard finger food items and add $7.50 per person (buffet service only)
Antipasto Platters – Can be arranged from $7.5 per person

Cheese Platters
Can be arranged for $125.00 per platter for a standard assortment for up to 20 people

Prawn Platters
Can be arranged for $190.00 per platter to cater for up to 20 people

Fruit Platters
A selection of fresh fruits for $4.25 per person