The Gourmet Chef Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum numbers apply for each menu selection.
    These are: Buffet Menu – 50 people
    BBQ Menu – 50 people
    Salad/Platters Menu – 20 people
    Conference Menu – 30 people
    Set Menu – 50 people
    Share Menu – 50 people
    Finger Food – 40 people (7 items each)
    If a function does not meet the minimum numbers, wages will be charged in addition to the food cost. The rates are: $47.50 per hour per waiter, $52.50 per hour per chef (unless on a Public Holidays when rates are doubled, see term 17).
  2.  Tentative bookings will be held for a seven-day period at which time a deposit of $800.00 or 30% (depending on cost of the function) will be required to confirm the date and secure the booking. Large functions may also be required to make a down payment 1 month prior to the event.
  3. Crockery and cutlery hire are not included in the menu pricing which relates only to the food content and the staff required to serve the food at the function for up to 3 hours. If your venue hire does not include cutlery and crockery, we can add it to your quotation. Please take note that if you decide to hire from another company everything will need to be picked up and delivered by that hirer. The Gourmet Chef charges for setting out and washing up anything not ours at a rate of $47.50 per hour, and washing must be organised prior to the event, as we usually wash up at our base of operations in Mildura
  4. If the function is not being held in Mildura then traveling costs may be applied for each staff member as well as transport costs.
  5.  The company reserves the right to change menu items at the last minute if certain produce is unavailable, due to unforeseen circumstances
  6. All invoices will be based on the confirmed numbers one week prior to the function.
  7. All functions must be paid for by direct deposit, EFTPOS, cash or bank cheque, 3 days prior to the event, unless an alternative payment has been arranged at least 7 days prior. If payment terms are not met, we may cancel our services and no refunds of deposits will be issued
  8. If a function was to cancel and you have a deposit: The Gourmet Chef keep 30% of deposit if the function is cancelled with more than 3 months’ notice. If cancelled with less than 3 months’ notice The Gourmet Chef keep the full deposit, and you may be charged for any expenses already incurred in anticipation of the event. If a function is postponed, the deposit transfers to the new date in full, less any expenses already incurred in anticipation of the event.
  9. Late fees may apply if not paid by due date. Unless prior arrangement has been made.
  10. Quoted prices are only guaranteed for 30 days unless otherwise stated.
  11. Napkins: We do not provide linen or fabric napkins. We do not fold napkins, we leave that up to the customer so it can be done the way they want it. If you would like us to fold napkins it is a charge of $2.20 per napkin. We can provide folded 2ply white paper dinner napkins free of charge
  12. Seating: We suggest that the client organises where people will sit and arrange seating accordingly so we can set the tables with glassware, cutlery and crockery. This is only applicable if you want to change the standard seating of 10 people at each round table.
  13.  Beverage Staff: The bar service is conducted only at the bar. If you require table service for drinks there is additional beverage staff charged at $47.50 an hour per staff member. We follow to the states RSA policy.
  14. Service Duration: We work on a 2 to 3-hour duration of service, depending on the event. If we operate over the 3-hour duration charges will apply: $47.50 per waiter per hour and $52.50 per chef per hour (unless Public Holiday, when price is doubled, see term 17).
  15.  Power Supply: We always require adequate power source. Preferably 2 x 15 amp power points that are separate. We do have 15 amp to 10 amp converters we can use as well. If there is no power on site we can organise a generator for use of the event. Charges will apply for hire of a generator.
  16. Breakages: Any loss or breakages of our equipment and glassware will be charged at the full amount of the replacement.
  17. Public Holidays: We charge $47.50 per hour per waiter for first 3 hours ($95.00 per hour after that), $52.50 per hour per chef for first 3 hours ($105.00 per hour after that), $95.00 per hour per beverage service staff, for the duration of time and travel and accommodation if needed for the event.
  18. Prices: On 1st January and 1 July each year, all prices are reassessed and prices may vary, even if the function has already been quoted and the quote has been accepted and or invoiced. A new price will be issued if your function is affected.
  19. Bank Details:
    Bank Details:
    Acc Name: HR Catering Group
    BSB: 083 764
    Acc No: 744 279 374.
  1. Accepting a quote and/or paying a deposit is agreeing that you accept in full our Terms and Conditions.