The Gourmet Chef has a complete range of crockery, stainless cutlery, and glassware.  All Crockery is Fine China and is the larger size to suit gourmet catering.  All our menus are designed for use of our own crockery and cutlery and prices below include washing and delivery.

Hire Charges

Crockery – 70c per item.
Cutlery – 35c per item.
Glassware – 80c per item.
200L esky – $50.00 per day.
Stainless wine buckets – $5.50 per bucket.
Platters and stainless risers – $10.50 per set.
Tall table stainless stands for numbers or cards – $1.10 each.
Stainless chaffing servers – $61.00  each and includes 2 x chaffing fuel canisters.
Plastic and glass beer or water jugs – 90c each.
Lightly coloured water bottles with flip tops – 90c each.

Please take note that if you decide to hire from another company everything will need to be picked up and delivered by that hirer. The Gourmet Chef charges for washing anything not ours at a rate of $45.00 per hour, and washing must be organised prior to the event, as we usually wash up at our base of operations in Mildura. Any items damaged or lost will be charged at the cost of replacements.

We also sell 5kg crushed ice – $4.00 per bag.